Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What do I believe?

 Growing up in Utah, never serving a mission, I really didn't get asked much about my religion. I didn't have to think much about what I believe or try to explain it to anybody. I had a simple testimony of my religion and that got me through tough times.  
Since moving here, working, making friends that aren't of my same religion, flying back and forth from Wisconsin to Utah several times, and my parents being called as mission presidents, I have had several opportunities to talk to people about what I believe and answer questions. Some questions (how many wives does your husband have) are hilarious to me! Some questions (do you wear special underwear) have caught me off guard but have given me a chance to explain some of my belief system.
I decided, mostly for my own benefit but also for some of those who have asked questions, to answer questions I have been asked and to explain what we, as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, believe. 
First of all, some of the most popular and funny questions I get are about polygamy. We do not practice polygamy. A hundred fifty years ago there were some members who did, but it is not the case anymore. Some polygamist groups share our beliefs, but they are not recognized as members of our faith. 
Another question I have heard is "Are you Christian?" Absolutely! We are "The Church of Jesus Christ." We believe that he is the son of our Heavenly Father and that he was a perfect man who died on the cross so that we can repent and return to live with Him, our father, and our families after we die. 
One day, at lunch with my coworkers, the question "do you wear special underwear?" came up. Totally caught me off guard but I love that they were comfortable enough around me to ask! Yes, we wear what are called garments. We wear them as a protection and a reminder of covenants we make in the temple. Here is a video that the church produced to explain the purpose of garments:

What do I believe as a "Mormon?"
We believe in the Bible. We also believe in the Book of Mormon, an account of Jesus's ministry and the people on the American continents. We believe that in the 1800s, a man by the name of Joseph Smith, was led to the plates with those records on them and was given power to translate them. That being said, another misconception is that we worship Joseph Smith. Nope. I am extremely grateful for him, but we do not worship him! 
I believe in following the Word of Wisdom, which means I don't smoke, drink alcohol or drink coffee. 
My favorite of all of our beliefs is that families are forever. Because of Christ's Atomement for us and because I was sealed to my husband in the temple, and my parents were sealed to each other in the temple, we will all be together after this life. Knowing that gives me so much happiness! I love knowing that, even though her time on Earth was short, I will have eternities to get to know my niece Logan! 
That's what I thought of for now, but if you have any other questions or if you heard something you aren't sure if it is true or not, ask! I am not shy about my religion and I am definitely not ashamed of it! I am proud to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

What's going on?

I haven't posted in forever but I am in the room with Nixon while he naps and I don't dare move so I decided I might as well journal what has been going on in our lives! Right now we are in Utah visiting family. I was able to come out a week and a half before Chris so I could spend time with my family before my parents left to Armenia. They are going there to be mission president/wife and will be gone three years! The first week we were here was a little bit tough because Nixon got crupe and an ear infection but now that he is feeling better there is no stopping him! He has had a lot of fun with all of his cousins! Yesterday we went to Lagoon with Chris's family. He did NOT like the first few rides we put him on but after a short nap and some lunch he warmed right up to them and even started enjoying them by the end! We had a blast too! I don't know whether I enjoyed going on the rides or watching Nixon on them more! 
We have been swimming, zooing, golfing, eating and playing like there is no tomorrow and it will be sad to go back home, but nice to get Nixon back to where he will sleep on some sort of schedule. 
I finished my first year of teaching in Wisconsin this year. I taught 5th grade math and science.  It is a totally different experience to teach in Wisconsin. I loved my kids and it is fun seeing them everywhere I go (literally, everywhere. Dinner, walks, buying feminine products at the store, you always see someone you know)  I have to say, though, I would teach in Utah any day over teaching in Wisconsin. I know unions get a bad rep, but they really do keep teachers from always getting the crappy end of the deal. 
While I have been teaching, Nixon has been at daycare. We started off having a friend watch him, but as he got older and a little more mobile it became a little too much for her, so we found Tammi. She is awesome! She just opened her daycare in September of 2015 and when we called her in February she only had a set of twins who are about 6 months younger than Nixon and so we started taking him there. She is constantly doing learning activities and has taught him some sign language, which is awesome since this kid refuses to talk! Just before Nixon went off for the summer she signed on two more kids that are just older than Nixon so I am looking forward to him getting more friends and being social with other kids a little more. 
Chris just moved in to the new hospital in May. It is such a beautiful building! A huge difference from the dungeon he was in before. It is open and bright with lots of windows! I keep joking that I am going to get really sick so I can spend some time there! (Am I really joking though?)  
Like I said earlier, my parents left for Armenia this past week. They are really busy but have taken time to write to us daily and let us know what they have been up to. The situation with the church in Armenia is a little tough right now. The stake was just disbanded and returned to a district status which means that my dad's job, in addition to directing the mission efforts there, is similar to that of a stake president. They seem to be pretty happy though, and are finding lots of positives between the trials. 
Speaking of callings, in the past few months, I was called to be the branch relief society and Chris was called to be the Elder's Quorum president. Fortunately, those callings aren't quite as time consuming as they would be in a ward! It has been kind of fun to take around little gifts to the sisters in the branch when they have their birthdays. I haven't been able to catch most of them but I have found a couple and had some good talks! I still don't feel like I have been doing as much as I should be doing but my thought was that once school got out and I got back from Utah then I would start getting things a little more organized. 
A couple months ago we had to put Jack down. He was getting old and having a hard time getting around. It was pretty tough but we knew he was in a lot of pain. Axl kind of became a different dog after that. He seems to be a lot more calm and obedient. Now if we could just take care of the shedding issue he would be the perfect animal! 
That is pretty much all we have been up to over the past two months!

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Here are some pictures to sum up the past 8 months 

We are still alive!

Wow, has it really been 8 months since my last post!  I can't believe it!  My "little" guy is getting so big!   He started army crawling around June and then suddenly in August decided to really crawl, and then walk a couple days later!  And HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!! (no, I am not pregnant) He is sleeping through the night and has been for a few months now!  It is so nice!  He still has his nights where he wakes up, but it is usually just a matter of changing his diaper and he goes right back to sleep.  We put him down at about 7:30 and we usually have to wake him up to go to "Grandma Laura's" at 7.
    That' another thing that has changed since I last wrote.  I have started teaching again.  I am teaching 5th grade math and science at Spooner Middle School. I love the ladies I work with and the kids are pretty sweet!  The district has its share of problems, but every district does.  Working definitely makes time fly by super fast!
    Another exciting change coming soon is that my dad has been called to be a mission president and will be leaving in June.  It is a three year calling and they will be overseas speaking a different language.  It was quite a shock at first, but as I have been able to process it and research the area they will be serving I am really excited for them!  They will be excellent mission presidents and the missionaries in their area don't know how lucky they are to have them there!
    In June, we had Chris's whole family here for a week and that was a blast!  It was fun to see all of them and show them where we are calling home for now!  It was nice of them to make time to get here all at the same time!  It meant a lot to us that they were willing to do that!
    In July we went back home for a week, then had my parents out in August, then Bryan and Carrie and Chris's mom in September, and Chris's dad and Peggy in October.  We have felt pretty spoiled and loved with all of our visitors!  It gives us something to look forward to!  My parents are coming back this week and Brett and Abby will get up here for Thanksgiving, and when they leave we will start counting the days until we head home for Christmas.
    I mentioned "Grandma Laura" earlier.  Laura Kildow is in our branch here and watched Nixon for a few days before I went back to work full time.  She, her husband Brad, and Nixon formed such a sweet bond those days that when she offered to watch him full time when I went back to work I had to say yes!  He loves them and we do too!  We feel pretty lucky to have people we trust so much helping us raise our little man!
   Chris is still enjoying his work at the hospital.  The new hospital opens in May, so that will be a lot of fun to see when it is all finished!  He found time a couple days to go golfing over the summer, but not nearly as much as he would have liked.  Now he is in full-blown football season and has loved (most of the time) watching the Utes have a (mostly) great year (although I know he would have loved watching from Rice Eccles Stadium even more!).

Monday, March 30, 2015


Ok, I have so many pictures and I hate to flood FaceBook or family text messages with pictures of Nix but wanted to be able to share them for people who want to see them! So this post is going to be just pictures. The pictures go from newest to oldest. 
Nixon's coming home from the hospital outfit and his jammies he wears today. He's grown!
Big boy jammies
Just need a newsies hat!
Handsome church fella
Nixon is happy because mom actually got ready for once!
Out for a walk. Does it look like we are in the middle of nowhere? Well we kind of are but this is right in front of our house. 
The Bostrom side babes
All the Lapray side kiddos
The flight home from Utah. He did AWESOME!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Catch up

It has been a while since I have posted and I have been wanting to for a while but the longer I have waited, the more there is to write, so the longer it will take. So I put it off. Then there is even more to write about. It's a terrible spiral. Now, as I write this I think to myself "You live in Spooner, Wisconsin. How much is there really to write about?" Good point. Well, I have caught myself getting a little discouraged and down about things and decided it was time I write a new post. 
Just an update, Nixon is getting so big and changing every day. He is rolling from his tummy to his back and laughs all the time. He is getting a pretty good routine down and I have now transitioned him to his crib and today I even took his pillow away since he is looking like he will start rolling from his back to tummy soon. I gave him a pillow a while ago hoping it would help with the spitting up. It didn't but I didn't want to take it away at the time. He still isn't sleeping through the night but he only wakes up once or twice usually, and that is doable. He is so stinking cute. 
Chris is now the ward clerk so we get to go to church at 8 on Sunday's, which means we leave at 7:30. Then he does tithing after so we get home at 1-1:30. I laugh now thinking back to how excited we were that we only had two hours of church here! We are enjoying the branch though and excited to see it grow as it gets warmer! My calling is teaching relief society the fourth Sunday so I am teaching general conference talks. I love that!
The weather here is freezing still! But you can't say that to someone who lived here last year because, without fail, they will respond by telling you this is mild compared to the last two years. I don't care what last year was like, below zero is cold! We are going back to Utah soon and I can't wait to just be able to hold Nix and walk outside. I have honestly had dreams about that and wake up smiling! 
We have found some fun things to do, though. I called the bishop of a ward in Rice Lake and he gave me the name and number of Celeste, a stay-at-home mom of 4 who moved from Idaho over a year ago. We have hung out with them a couple of times and just love them! She told us about car races on Rice Lake so we went out there a couple weeks ago. It was a little crazy driving out on the lake but so fun to see you the cars racing!

Last weekend was the Birkebeiner ski race in Hayward so we went up there for a bit. We got there just in time to see the first finishers go through the finish line. It was so cold but we bundled Nixon up really good and he did great! I don't think he loved it but he didn't cry at all!

We really have had some great times here, I just need to get back to focusing on those instead of dwelling on the difficult ones.  
Here are some other pictures we have taken the past little while. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

11 weeks

I can't believe I have kept a kid alive for 11 days! I wonder how many people have lost money on that bet. Mom, you can admit it. :) 
One huge positive lately is that we have a good routine and that has made bedtime so much easier. He still isn't sleeping through the night, but we aren't having the hour of incessant screaming like we were in the early weeks. Even nap times are easier. I can easily tell when he is getting tired, and I hold him for a couple minutes and he is out. I love it!
Another positive today was meeting Chris for lunch. I know it is hard for him to leave for lunch since he doesn't have long but it is so nice for me to get out of the house. 
Finally, I have made two good friends here: Dr. Phil and Ellen. Sounds silly maybe but it gives me something to look forward to in the afternoon and by the time they are over Chris is almost home! Dr. Phil makes me feel better about my life and Ellen provides me with some laughs! (I have made some other real life friends too, just so you aren't worried)