Update on Rube-ster

I thought I would post an update since we had so many kind comments, well wishes and prayers, along with texts and phone calls asking how our little lady is doing.  On top of that, when we were preparing for the surgery I loved reading blogs and seeing updates on other kids who had undergone surgery for craniosynostosis. I thought I would pay it forward! Finally, I know I need to journal about this, so writing this post will allow me to have it for all of us to look back on when Ruby is old enough to understand what happened!  I am killing lots of birds with one stone!
We knew going into the surgery that she would get swollen to the point that her eyes would swell shut. I thought it would be interesting for people to see the transformation in her face over the first couple of days.
Right after the surgery they told us the swelling peaks at 24 hours so I started counting down the minutes until we would start to see improvements.  20 hours after the surgery, they started telling us the …

Ruby's Surgery

We are currently at Gillette Children’s Hospital, sitting in a quiet hospital room with a very sleepy baby wrapped in a turban.  Nixon is at a dog show with a hospital volunteer, which is nice, since he is struggling because he has had two days now without a nap.  To this point, everything has gone smoothly.  
When Ruby was first born, still in the hospital, the pediatrician came to check her out.  Everything looked great but he expressed some concern about her head shape, but quickly stated “it’s probably nothing to worry about though.”  Uh… not comforting.  Six days after she was born we headed to Utah to visit family and that pushed her two week appointment back to three weeks.  Throughout those three weeks, I had this little concern constantly in the back of my mind that something might be wrong with her head.  The pediatrician hadn’t gone into detail about what was wrong or what it might mean, so, of course, I feared the worst.  

At Ruby’s two (three) week appointment I brought up …

What do I believe?

Growing up in Utah, never serving a mission, I really didn't get asked much about my religion. I didn't have to think much about what I believe or try to explain it to anybody. I had a simple testimony of my religion and that got me through tough times.  Since moving here, working, making friends that aren't of my same religion, flying back and forth from Wisconsin to Utah several times, and my parents being called as mission presidents, I have had several opportunities to talk to people about what I believe and answer questions. Some questions (how many wives does your husband have) are hilarious to me! Some questions (do you wear special underwear) have caught me off guard but have given me a chance to explain some of my belief system. I decided, mostly for my own benefit but also for some of those who have asked questions, to answer questions I have been asked and to explain what we, as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, believe.  First of all, s…

What's going on?

I haven't posted in forever but I am in the room with Nixon while he naps and I don't dare move so I decided I might as well journal what has been going on in our lives! Right now we are in Utah visiting family. I was able to come out a week and a half before Chris so I could spend time with my family before my parents left to Armenia. They are going there to be mission president/wife and will be gone three years! The first week we were here was a little bit tough because Nixon got crupe and an ear infection but now that he is feeling better there is no stopping him! He has had a lot of fun with all of his cousins! Yesterday we went to Lagoon with Chris's family. He did NOT like the first few rides we put him on but after a short nap and some lunch he warmed right up to them and even started enjoying them by the end! We had a blast too! I don't know whether I enjoyed going on the rides or watching Nixon on them more! We have been swimming, zooing, golfing, eating and p…


Here are some pictures to sum up the past 8 months 

We are still alive!

Wow, has it really been 8 months since my last post!  I can't believe it!  My "little" guy is getting so big!   He started army crawling around June and then suddenly in August decided to really crawl, and then walk a couple days later!  And HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!! (no, I am not pregnant) He is sleeping through the night and has been for a few months now!  It is so nice!  He still has his nights where he wakes up, but it is usually just a matter of changing his diaper and he goes right back to sleep.  We put him down at about 7:30 and we usually have to wake him up to go to "Grandma Laura's" at 7.
    That' another thing that has changed since I last wrote.  I have started teaching again.  I am teaching 5th grade math and science at Spooner Middle School. I love the ladies I work with and the kids are pretty sweet!  The district has its share of problems, but every district does.  Working definitely makes time fly by super fast!
    Another exciting change…


Ok, I have so many pictures and I hate to flood FaceBook or family text messages with pictures of Nix but wanted to be able to share them for people who want to see them! So this post is going to be just pictures. The pictures go from newest to oldest.  Nixon's coming home from the hospital outfit and his jammies he wears today. He's grown! Big boy jammies Just need a newsies hat! Handsome church fella Nixon is happy because mom actually got ready for once! Out for a walk. Does it look like we are in the middle of nowhere? Well we kind of are but this is right in front of our house.  The Bostrom side babes All the Lapray side kiddos The flight home from Utah. He did AWESOME!!